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Having been the 26th most common cause of death in June, Covid has leapt up to 9th for July 2021 in England. However, Covid deaths for July only represented 2% of the total, whereas back in January Covid accounted for 37% of deaths. The top two main causes of death are typically Heart desease and Dementia.

The latest Covid data showed 174 deaths in the UK (as at August 24th) which is the highest daily figure since March. Positive cases, hospitalisations, and deaths are all currently rising again.

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This week all 16 and 17 year olds are being offered vaccination before they go back to school and college. While younger people.

There are worries of a 4th wave in Israel and booster vaccinations are now being rolled out there. Another concern from Israel is analysis that the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine against infection falling to 39 per cent after six months.

What will happen in the UK? It certainly looks on the cards for booster vaccines as well as winter flu vaccinations for the elderly or vulnerable. The JCVI have yet to announce their reccommendations on a booster vaccine.

Covid rates vary greatly by location. You can se the following link to view statistics in your post code area.

Covid Dashboard including post code search